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Hair Extensions

Since hair extension regained its popularity and as consumer demand increases, there has been an insatiable thirst for discovering the easiest way to apply hair extensions. The variety of products in the market is a testament to that and the latest that has been making a buzz with stylists are Klix Hair Extensions.

What are Klix Hair Extensions?

Klix Hair Extensions or Klixtensions are a type of human hair extensions where micro links are used to attach the weft to the head. It is so easy to apply that you are in and out of the salon in about one hour while retouch only takes half an hour.

One of the reasons why this product is so great is that it is “scalp-friendly”. Heating tools or glue or tape is not needed to attach the product and so this doesn’t cause friction to the hair or breakage. In fact, the micro-links are silicone-lined so your hair stays protected. Touch ups are recommended after four through six weeks and are as painless as the initial application.

What are Klix Hair Extensions or Klixtensions Made From?

They are made from a 100% Remy Human Hair.

How long are they and what are are my color options?

They are eighteen inches long and come in straight or wavy hair. They come in a variety of colors and tri-color shades so that you can achieve the look you are aiming for whether you want a natural look or a dramatic outcome or a funky look.

How do I care for my Klix Hair Extensions or Klixtensions?

We recommend using a soft boar bristle brush at least twice a day. Start from the bottom and work your way up and avoid brushing to hard or pulling. Also avoid getting the bristles into the micro-links. Please do not tease your Klix Hair Extensions or Klixtensions.

Please use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner as sulfate can have harsh effects on hair. It might be also best to use products that do not contain glycerin and silicone or sulfur which are usually found in anti-dandruff haircare products.

Just like your own hair, your Klixtensions need to be conditioned every time you wash them to keep them silky and shiny. Lastly, avoid environment that may damage your extensions as it would your normal hair such as exposure to chlorine in a pool or saltwater. The effects it will have on extensions are that of your normal hair causing dryness.

Can I use styling tools on my Klix Hair Extensions or Klixtensions?

You may blow dry your extensions on low to medium heat. Heating tools may also be utilized but must be an inch or more below the weft.

How many times can my Klix Hair Extensions or Klixtensions be retouched?

Touch-ups are recommended every four to six weeks. Your extensions can be touched up thrice before having to replace them.

The verdict? Phenomenal product and a must try for all hair extension lovers out there. Get Klixtensioned today!

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