Bridal Hair Extensions

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Your wedding day is your special day. You are the star, the center of attention and everyone expects you to look like it. And then there are motifs, themes and the dress. You start thinking, my hair and makeup have to match my dress because I want my overall look to actually go together and since it is my fairytale wedding, I want to look simply stunning. One problem though, most women do not have a full head of hair like ones you see in bridal magazines. Yes, plenty of brides wish their chignon would look that full or full sexy hair that sways as you walk. You could have short hair wanting an up do that could not be achieved because of the limitations of your current hairstyle. Thinking about little things like this stresses you out but thankfully, there are hair extensions. In fact, do not be surprised to find out that even models for bridal magazines wear hair extensions. Only, you are clueless. Well, you are not alone.

With all the choices and different types of hair extensions readily available to consumers today, choosing one maybe daunting. Having a hair consultation with your hairstylist is extremely important. He or she will have knowledge of how much hair extensions you need but prior to this decide on the look you will go for on your wedding day. This determines the length and number of wefts or strands you will need. The kind of hair you purchase will really depend on your personal preference. You will have a choice between synthetic hair and human hair.

If you are only going to be using your extensions during the course of the wedding ceremony and the reception, you can opt for cheaper synthetic hair or clip in extensions that are easy enough to put in and remove. In this case, you can even opt for easy to attach clip in hair pieces.

It will also appease you to know that not only will hair extensions enhance your beauty but it will also hold your hairstyle in place longer compared to a full head of natural hair. Book a consultation today.