Pros and Cons of Different Types of Hair Extensions

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While every women wishes she had enough hair to pull off a certain look, in reality our crowning glory suffers from so much damage that we lose so much of it. That is everyday wear and tear from using different styling tools, heated or otherwise, from using so many hair products which we are not even sure we need at all and of course, from the sun. Thanks to technology though, there are hair extensions. You can get that look you want in a matter of hours or minutes.

Although, hair extensions are known to be a temporary fix to hair dilemmas, if they are cared for properly and if applied the right way can last more than expected. This can be a pro or a con in itself. Disadvantages and advantages vary greatly on the technique your hair extensions are applied.

Clip In or Clip On Hair Extensions

-by far the easiest to put in and take out
-do it yourself, saves money
-does minimal to no damage at all
-takes no time at all
-hairstyles you can do with it are limited
-can fall out if not clipped and pinned securely
-takes time to get used to as they are a bit uncomfortable

Bonding and Sealing Extensions

-sturdiest hold to your real hair
-can be almost unnoticeable when applied properly
-the proper bond is safe to use on the hair and scalp
-comes in plenty of options
-pre-bonded extensions lasts the longest and are the most resilient
-plenty of styles can be achieved since they can be unnoticeable
-takes hours to apply
-can only be applied and removed by a salon professional as there are special tools that need to be used

Micro Loop or Micro Ring Hair Extensions

-no damage to the hair
-secure attachment to your real hair
-looks natural
-styles that can be achieved are limitless because they look natural
-labor intensive
-not advisable for those who have short hair because the micro rings can be noticeable

Fusion Bonding Extensions

-fuller hair
-lasts longer
-looks natural
-can be styled freely

-can damage hair
-can cause a headache
-labor intensive so it takes time to do
-can cause “traction baldness”

Sewn in or Tracking Hair Extensions

-outlasts other techniques
-does minimal to no damage
-you can do more activities as if you had no extensions on

-can get tangled if not maintained properly
-can cause some thinning if you brush too hard

Tape In Extensions

-probably the fastest to apply and takes only minutes
-easy maintenance
-can last up to twelve weeks

-most are low quality extensions
-since there are thicker wefts, hairstyles are limited