All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

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Hair Extensions

Yes, we have heard a lot about hair extensions but do you know that it is also called artificial hair integrations? It is how one can lengthen hair without having to wait for weeks or months to reach the desired length. Natural or Real hair can be used and one appointment is all that is needed for the preferred results.

Synthetic vs. Human Hair

Most people who want to try getting hair extensions wonder which type of hair weft is best suited for them. Here is a run down. Synthetic hair, made from synthetic fibers does not last as long as human hair does due to being easily damaged by friction and heat. Although, it is a lot less expensive than human hair, there are limitations as to what one can do with it. It does not look like human hair at all and cannot be used with tools that we usually use on our real hair such as curling irons and straightening irons. However, there have been more developments of this type of weft that looks more similar to that of human hair and can be used with styling tools.

Human hair extensions are more expensive, last longer and are natural looking. This, however, all depends on how much you spend. The more expensive hair, human hair extensions are, the better quality you get. Human hair is also easy to care for as you treat it just like your own hair.

Preference all really depends on what you can manage, how much you can spend and factors such as the length of time you would like to use them.

Choosing Color, Texture and Quality

When choosing hair color, note that the standard scale to classify the hair by color is when the number is lower; the color is darker while the highest number is the lightest color.

Textures of hair differ from very straight to extremely curly, or kinky and it is no different with artificial hair. Some would be labeled silky straight that pertains to the characteristics of East Asian hair that is soft and very straight. Yaki pertains to the feel of straightened Afro-Caribbean hair characteristics. European refers to, yes, European hair which is a tad less straight than Asian hair and may have a little wave. A deep wave is not really a real wave but can be created to look like twirls. The loose deep wave, also known as the romance wave is the softer version of the deep wave with more relaxed curls. The jheri curl which can also be referred to as “nappy tracks” are usually used for a full afro look and can be quite short. Wet and wavy that can have the labeled spanish wave or indian wave are curls of human hair that look soft and natural.

The quality of the hair is often specified as virgin hair when the hair has not been processed at all, remy is human hair that organized meticulously in one weft which makes it remain shiny and tangle free for a fairly long time. Double drawn is when hair bundle is processed twice meaning, the hair is even all throughout. Its thickness at one end will be more or less the same as the other. This can be very expensive though. Lastly, single drawn hair is of lower quality than that of double-drawn hair where you will see different lengths all throughout.

Types of Hair Extension Application

Clip-in or Clip-on Hair Extensions is the most temporary type without having the problem of losing chunks of hair associated with glue extensions. A clip on hair extension usually has clips sewn onto the weft, thus the name.

Bonding and Sealing Extensions Bonding is a technique that involves the use of hair glue or special hair adhesives to prevent damage to the hair that is applied to a part of the weft and onto natural hair. This type of application lasts shorter than sewn in weave and more or less lasts anywhere from four to six weeks before heading back to the salon.

Fusion extension is best for the most natural and authentic look of all extensions. A tool that looks a lot like a glue gun is utilized to affix human hair extensions to real hair. Although the best, one appointment generally lasts anywhere from four to eight hours and is more expensive than other ways of application.

The netting application requires braiding onto a net where extensions are woven in. This technique can last anywhere from two to four hours.

Similar to the netting technique lace fronts is a cap of nylon mesh material where extensions can be woven in or can be glued to one’s hairline with special adhesive. This is more natural looking.

Tracking, the most popular and commonly used method to date does not take long and outlasts other techniques. This type of application requires braiding of natural hair where the weft extensions are sewn in.

The newest and most revolutionary way of getting extensions without any pain and within a very short period of time is Hair Tape Extensions. Find out how it is done in this video.

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