Hair Extensions

A beautiful hair is every girl’s fantasy, from the hues of sunflower to a crimson red, each hair is distinctive and beautiful in their own ways. At Mark on Madison, Mark understands best the type of hair that is suitable for your tresses and only with every bit of attention to your curls and manes, will he then be able to accomplish the task of separating you from the crowd.

An apprentice of the world-renowned hairstylist John Barrett, Mark has studied and worked extensively to capture the essence of the true glamour of women by styling their hair. When it is about getting the best colors and extensions for your hair in NYC, Mark on Madison is the epitome of the finest strands of hair you will ever have.

Mark on Madison hair extensions NY brings to you the finest quality of virgin hair to ensure that your hair looks natural and luxuriant in the most gorgeous way possible. From clip-ons to clip-ins, halo extensions, tape extensions and micro link weft hair extensions. Mark has the finest assortment of hair extensions from Europe to Indian ready to give your hair the bouffant and tousled or any fresh looks it deserves.

Mark has list of celebrity clientele like Paris Hilton, Angelica Houston, Jade Jagger models, and other numerous socialites and various personalities of New York. Mark’s credentials with his ever-long process of subtle shaping and angling and his passion & obsession for styling hairs has enabled him to work for publications such as Sports Illustrated and Vanity Fair, even creating magic’s on the carpet of the Academy awards and New York Fashion Week.

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Tape Extensions NYCAt Mark on Madison, we specialize in hair tape extensions and Klix Extensions (micro links weft extensions) made from natural human hair. These adhesive weft extensions are applied without the damaging effects of heat tools, leaving your natural hair undamaged and healthy. Hair tape extensions are notable particularly because they fall seamlessly and are undetectable in the hair. In addition, they can be reapplied up to three times while still achieving the natural appearance from the first use. Each application wear for approximately six (6) to eight (8) weeks.


klix extensions NYWhat are Klix (micro links weft )Hair Extensions?

Klix Hair Extensions are a type of human hair extensions where micro links are used to attach the weft to the head. It is so easy to apply that you are in and out of the salon in about one hour while retouch only takes half an hour.

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One of the reasons why this product is so great is that it is “scalp-friendly”. Heating tools or glue or tape is not needed to attach the product and so this doesn’t cause friction to the hair or breakage. In fact, the micro-links are silicone-lined so your hair stays protected. Touch ups are recommended after four through six weeks and are as painless as the initial.


Clip On Extensions NYCClip In Hair Extensions are easy to use extensions that come in wefts or curtains of hair that can be clipped on to your natural hair and taken out just as easily when you no longer want to wear them. It’s perfect for a quick make over or a change of look for an event. They can be used to add length as well as volume. At Mark on Madison, we give you hair extension options that suit your hair type and your lifestyle as we take into consideration how you will be able to maintain your hair.

When you want to make your hair accompany your mood, occasion or the lifestyle, there is no better alternative to clip on extensions. These extensions can be worn easily, just by adding the wefts or curtains of hairs to your existing hairs and helps you to gain length and/or volume, instantly, as per your desire. No hairstyle can elude you now. Mark on Madison is your best bet for the ideal solution to clip on extensions and halo extensions as here we analyse your hair type, thickness, density and lifestyle into consideration so with our suggestions you gain admiration everywhere you go.

Mark On Madison is also expert in 1 piece clip ons extensions and halo extensions which is a rage among the women and young girls. Being offered in human hair variations, these 1 piece clip ons can add to the length and thickness of hair easily.
Do not wait for your hairs to grow more to adopt new style. Use our clip on extensions and1 piece clip ons halo extensions now to get the style you want and desire. Be the limelight hogger easily and affectionately.


keratin tip extensions nycMark On Madison is a renowned hair salon in New York. Trained under the world-renowned hairstylist John Barrett, Mark has the experience of working as a hair artist for Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Kathy Hilton, Christina Applegate, Angelica Houston, Jade Jagger and other models. As an artist, he believes in making Keratin Tips Extensions fashion available to one and all in NYC. In his salon he uses the finest quality of keratin tips to ensure that wearer gets a complete natural look.

Use of keratin tip extensions to try different hairstyles is most recommended when one is getting ready for one special day. Not all has long free flowing, bouncy, heavy hair to try out new hairdos. Also, people have choice on different hair color and hair texture. Use Keratin Tips Extensions; makes it possible for one to try out hair of any color, any texture, and any length.

Hair extensions make the hair voluptuous and long over which different types of hairdos can be made. Use of high quality keratin extensions in the salon of Mark enables his client to get best.


Great Lengths extensions nycMark On Madison, owned by the famous hair artist Mark is the ultimate fashion house to get the best of Hair Styles. From world-renowned hairstylist John Barrett, Mark has best honed the art of embracing elegance and capturing the allure of women by styling their hair. As a hair artist, Mark has served to the famous Celeb Paris Hilton and other renowned models and socialites such as Nicky Hilton, Kathy Hilton, Christina Applegate, Angelica Houston, Jade Jagger and others. Apart from offering the best in town hair cutting and maintaining solutions, in Mark’s salon one also gets Great lengths extensions solutions. Sporting long hair, especially in form plat is back into the fashion. However, the busy schedule of modern life and growing pollution has made it difficult for ladies to manage long hair and keeping them healthy at the same time.

Mark On Madison is offering a wide range of Great lengths extensions of different colors and different texture in NY. For getting the right kind of styling, the right extensions into the natural hair is very important, so that it looks completely natural and the extensions don’t fall off in between.