Clip In Hair Extensions, Are They For You?

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Although hair extensions has reached the height of its popularity in recent years and is becoming more and more accepted, the truth is many are still clueless about it and are scared to try it out.  Many women hear too many horror stories about hair extensions that they are discouraged even before trying it out.  Yes, we have heard of traction baldness, hair thinning and other ghastly experiences.  While these may be true, this does not happen to everybody who gets hair extensions.  It all boils down to going to the right salon and having them professionally done by a certified stylist.  The best advice, educate yourself before getting anything done.  Do not get into this blindly.  Remember, all this is for you so doing a little research, asking friends for their opinions and having a consultation from a professional is all worth it.

Okay, so enough of the pep talk.  Let us get down to business.

Clip In hair extensions.  What are they?  These are hair extensions that come in wefts or curtains of hair that can be clipped on to your natural hair.  It is ideal for a quick hairstyle change for an event and can be used to add both length and volume.  The price range really depends on the quality of the hair extensions you want.  That saying, “you get what you pay for” applies here.  If it is something really temporary such as a style change for a night, then getting cheaper extensions might be a practical idea.  However, if you think you will be wearing them more often and for longer periods of time, you might want to invest in a high quality product.  Extensions can be made from synthetic or one hundred percent human hair.

The verdict:  It depends on how you will be wearing them and maintenance.  Clip in hair extensions are awesome to pull off a look for a dinner date or a night out.  They are also great for those who do not have the time to really maintain their extensions and want them easily taken out and put in on their own.

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