Maintenance for Weft Extension

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Weft Extensions

Weft Extensions are hair extensions that come usually come in a large width depending on preference and can be sewn in, weaved, bonded, taped on or clipped on. It’s a great way to add volume to hair as well as length or even to achieve the perfect color. They come in fourteen to thirty two inch lengths and can be Remy or non-Remy hair. Weft Hair Extensions have the potential to last if cared for properly.

Weft Extensions Tips

  1. Be gentle when you handle them. Remember these are not your hair and do not have the capability to grow back. Use a soft bristle brush and hold your hair at the roots when brushing especially when dealing with wet hair as wet hair easily breaks. Untangle first with your hands before using a brush.
  2. Always condition. Just like your skin, hair extensions can lose its moisture rather quickly as it does not get any nutrients. So avoid products that may cause the hair to dry.
  3. Always get them trimmed as they are prone to split ends so make sure you regularly make that trip to the salon.
  4. If possible, do not use heat styling tools.
  5. Avoid washing your hair too often as this can also result to dry hair.
  6. When combing or brushing hair, start at the ends where it most likely gets tangled and work your way up.
  7. Minimize the use of styling products such as hair spray, gel or mousse. These contain chemicals that can affect the longevity of your hair extensions.
  8. Before heading to bed, it is best to arrange your hair into a loose braid to avoid tangling while sleeping then undo the braid once you are up.
  9. Lastly, avoid activities that can damage hair such as swimming as chlorine can dry out your extensions as well as long exposure to the sun.

Hair Extension and Weft Service in New York

Mark on Madison offers hair extension services and also weft service in NY City.  For more details of its hair extension services and weft service in New York City, please follow the link.