Hair Trends Spring / Summer 2013

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Most runway hairstyles we see rarely translate to wearable looks in our busy day to day lives. However, this is not the case for Hair Trends in Spring / Summer 2013. While most anticipate a vast change in hair styles every time seasons change, this coming season, there won’t be much change at all from hair styles in 2012.

1. Side Part Hairstyles – Something we all should be very thankful for as most women do really have a natural side part. It’s such a no-brainer that you actually wear everyday and just don’t notice it. The best thing about it is its very versatile. It doesn’t choose hair length or hair color. Plus, there are plenty of ways to wear them next season:

a. Deep Side Parts – What’s the difference? It’s a side part that’s closer to your ear than it is the top of your head.
b. Soft Side Parts – A very casual and relaxed side part that you usually wear on a daily basis.
c. Voluminous Side Parts – A side part with added volume. Use a volume spray and a hair dryer to achieve the desired proportion.
d. Across Your Forehead – A side part that serves as fringe or bangs.

2. Knots and Braids – For a very clean and put-together look, knots and braids are still the way to go.

3. Ponytails – The ever so easy to do ponytail never goes out of style. It is so reliable when one does not have time to achieve a certain look but still look put-together. One can find solace in a ponytail when you have run out of ideas for hairstyles. The modern twist on a ponytail sits low at just above the nape and is super straight to give definition to the length of hair. It’s chic, sleek and sexy.

4. Wet Look – It’s not about looking drenched but more of a glossed over look. A modern take on this look is incorporating braids and twists into the whole look

5. Loose Waves – Women with wavy hair can look forward to the coming season as you can head out the door straight out of bed. Literally.

6. Updos – Classic chignons never ever go out of style and this recurring trend is a testament to that. A modern twist to this look is making it look “undone”. So, yes, they do not have to be perfect. Again, something to be thankful for.

7. Hair Accessories – Experiment and go crazy with different accessories. No time to do your hair? Accessories can do the trick.

8. Half Tuck Hairstyle – You may wonder how this can be a hair trend in itself because it is so simple. Tuck your hair behind your ear and leave some loose strands. Need I say more?

9. Platinum Blond Hair Color – Dare to pull this off? It’s in next season.

10. Fringe or Bangs – Just like the ponytail and updos, fringe or bangs never ever go out of style. Modernize this look by sporting a messy fringe for a grungy look.