Tips for choosing the best set for Hair Extensions NYC

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Hair Extensions NYC comes in many forms such as natural or Synthetic. It helps to create more volume and length to your natural hair. It’s usually attached by professionally hair stylist. Here are some different types of Hair extensions in NYC that customers can always attach on their own easily and comfortably. It is always recommended natural human Hair Extensions because they look good as well as real. You can treat them just like your natural hairs. IF you are looking for a Stylish look: You are always ready to choose the best method that would be best for your needs, here is a good idea for you to search a professional stylish who will be applying your new hair as your natural hair. You have to choose the best and qualified hair extensions salon in your nearest area. Here are so many unqualified and unstylish salons that claim to be the best Hair extensions and Hair styling salons that often leads to a waste of your time and money, a single worst case can damage your hair. Find a specialized salon near you Mark On Madison is the best hair extensions salon in NYC where you get the attractive look for your hair. They will recommend the best application method after assessing your hair type first. Here you will find the best stylish hair salon in your nearest area. Most of all, come here and enjoy your new look and you will be amazed to see the new stylish look of yours. Looking  for quality hair extensions at your salon: Hair Extensions Salon NYC provides the best hair services that any other hair extensions salon can offer along with amazing hair cuts and layering accessories such as clip on Extensions, Tape Extension NYC, Klix Extension NYC and many more. MarkonMadison is the first choice for women that always look for quality hair extensions. They offer the best hair extensions in your nearest area. Hair Extensions are available in best quality and limited editions, since they are high in...

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Clip In Hair Extensions, Are They For You?

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Although hair extensions has reached the height of its popularity in recent years and is becoming more and more accepted, the truth is many are still clueless about it and are scared to try it out.  Many women hear too many horror stories about hair extensions that they are discouraged even before trying it out.  Yes, we have heard of traction baldness, hair thinning and other ghastly experiences.  While these may be true, this does not happen to everybody who gets hair extensions.  It all boils down to going to the right salon and having them professionally done by a certified stylist.  The best advice, educate yourself before getting anything done.  Do not get into this blindly.  Remember, all this is for you so doing a little research, asking friends for their opinions and having a consultation from a professional is all worth it. Okay, so enough of the pep talk.  Let us get down to business. Clip In hair extensions.  What are they?  These are hair extensions that come in wefts or curtains of hair that can be clipped on to your natural hair.  It is ideal for a quick hairstyle change for an event and can be used to add both length and volume.  The price range really depends on the quality of the hair extensions you want.  That saying, “you get what you pay for” applies here.  If it is something really temporary such as a style change for a night, then getting cheaper extensions might be a practical idea.  However, if you think you will be wearing them more often and for longer periods of time, you might want to invest in a high quality product.  Extensions can be made from synthetic or one hundred percent human hair. The verdict:  It depends on how you will be wearing them and maintenance.  Clip in hair extensions are awesome to pull off a look for a dinner date or a night out.  They are also great for those who do not have the time to really maintain their extensions and want them easily taken out and put in on their own. Mark On Madison 39 E 78 Street Suite 602 (between Madison Ave & Park Ave) New York, NY 10075 (212) 470-3604 visit...

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Mark also known as Mark on Madison is an ex­pert hairstylist who apprenticed at the famous John Barrett Salon in Bergdorf Goodman. Today, togeth­er with his expertly trained staff, he cuts and styles the locks of his elite clientele at an Upper East Side beauty boutique. For every client, Mark starts his cuts wet and finishes them dry, meaning the styling is precise and the finished effect immediately appar­ent. Through subtle shaping and angling, the styl­ists here execute cuts that accentuate the best facial features. Blow-outs, hair extensions, keratin treat­ments, coloring and more accentuate the glamour, and leave just about anyone looking as ready for the red carpet as any of Mark’s celebrity clients. Mark has graciously extended a special offer to all Town representatives and clients. All new customers are invited to enjoy a complimentary deep conditioning treatment with purchase of a service. Please contact your Town concierge to schedule an appointment. Mark On Madison 39 E 78 Street Suite 602 (between Madison Ave & Park Ave) New York, NY 10075 (212) 470-3604 visit...

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Bridal Hair Extensions

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Your wedding day is your special day. You are the star, the center of attention and everyone expects you to look like it. And then there are motifs, themes and the dress. You start thinking, my hair and makeup have to match my dress because I want my overall look to actually go together and since it is my fairytale wedding, I want to look simply stunning. One problem though, most women do not have a full head of hair like ones you see in bridal magazines. Yes, plenty of brides wish their chignon would look that full or full sexy hair that sways as you walk. You could have short hair wanting an up do that could not be achieved because of the limitations of your current hairstyle. Thinking about little things like this stresses you out but thankfully, there are hair extensions. In fact, do not be surprised to find out that even models for bridal magazines wear hair extensions. Only, you are clueless. Well, you are not alone. With all the choices and different types of hair extensions readily available to consumers today, choosing one maybe daunting. Having a hair consultation with your hairstylist is extremely important. He or she will have knowledge of how much hair extensions you need but prior to this decide on the look you will go for on your wedding day. This determines the length and number of wefts or strands you will need. The kind of hair you purchase will really depend on your personal preference. You will have a choice between synthetic hair and human hair. If you are only going to be using your extensions during the course of the wedding ceremony and the reception, you can opt for cheaper synthetic hair or clip in extensions that are easy enough to put in and remove. In this case, you can even opt for easy to attach clip in hair pieces. It will also appease you to know that not only will hair extensions enhance your beauty but it will also hold your hairstyle in place longer compared to a full head of natural hair. Book a consultation...

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Pros and Cons of Different Types of Hair Extensions

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While every women wishes she had enough hair to pull off a certain look, in reality our crowning glory suffers from so much damage that we lose so much of it. That is everyday wear and tear from using different styling tools, heated or otherwise, from using so many hair products which we are not even sure we need at all and of course, from the sun. Thanks to technology though, there are hair extensions. You can get that look you want in a matter of hours or minutes. Although, hair extensions are known to be a temporary fix to hair dilemmas, if they are cared for properly and if applied the right way can last more than expected. This can be a pro or a con in itself. Disadvantages and advantages vary greatly on the technique your hair extensions are applied. Clip In or Clip On Hair Extensions Pros: -by far the easiest to put in and take out -do it yourself, saves money -does minimal to no damage at all -takes no time at all Cons: -hairstyles you can do with it are limited -can fall out if not clipped and pinned securely -takes time to get used to as they are a bit uncomfortable Bonding and Sealing Extensions Pros: -sturdiest hold to your real hair -can be almost unnoticeable when applied properly -the proper bond is safe to use on the hair and scalp -comes in plenty of options -pre-bonded extensions lasts the longest and are the most resilient -plenty of styles can be achieved since they can be unnoticeable Cons: -expensive -takes hours to apply -can only be applied and removed by a salon professional as there are special tools that need to be used Micro Loop or Micro Ring Hair Extensions Pros: -no damage to the hair -secure attachment to your real hair -looks natural -styles that can be achieved are limitless because they look natural Cons: -labor intensive -not advisable for those who have short hair because the micro rings can be noticeable Fusion Bonding Extensions Pros: -fuller hair -lasts longer -looks natural -can be styled freely Cons: -can damage hair -can cause a headache -labor intensive so it takes time to do -can cause “traction baldness” Sewn in or Tracking Hair Extensions Pros: -outlasts other techniques -does minimal to no damage -you can do more activities as if you had no extensions on -affordable Cons: -can get tangled if not maintained properly -can cause some thinning if you brush too hard Tape In Extensions Pros: -probably the fastest to apply and takes only minutes -easy maintenance -can last up to twelve weeks -affordable Cons: -most are low quality extensions -since there are thicker wefts, hairstyles are...

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Hair Trends Spring / Summer 2013

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Most runway hairstyles we see rarely translate to wearable looks in our busy day to day lives. However, this is not the case for Hair Trends in Spring / Summer 2013. While most anticipate a vast change in hair styles every time seasons change, this coming season, there won’t be much change at all from hair styles in 2012. 1. Side Part Hairstyles – Something we all should be very thankful for as most women do really have a natural side part. It’s such a no-brainer that you actually wear everyday and just don’t notice it. The best thing about it is its very versatile. It doesn’t choose hair length or hair color. Plus, there are plenty of ways to wear them next season: a. Deep Side Parts – What’s the difference? It’s a side part that’s closer to your ear than it is the top of your head. b. Soft Side Parts – A very casual and relaxed side part that you usually wear on a daily basis. c. Voluminous Side Parts – A side part with added volume. Use a volume spray and a hair dryer to achieve the desired proportion. d. Across Your Forehead – A side part that serves as fringe or bangs. 2. Knots and Braids – For a very clean and put-together look, knots and braids are still the way to go. 3. Ponytails – The ever so easy to do ponytail never goes out of style. It is so reliable when one does not have time to achieve a certain look but still look put-together. One can find solace in a ponytail when you have run out of ideas for hairstyles. The modern twist on a ponytail sits low at just above the nape and is super straight to give definition to the length of hair. It’s chic, sleek and sexy. 4. Wet Look – It’s not about looking drenched but more of a glossed over look. A modern take on this look is incorporating braids and twists into the whole look 5. Loose Waves – Women with wavy hair can look forward to the coming season as you can head out the door straight out of bed. Literally. 6. Updos – Classic chignons never ever go out of style and this recurring trend is a testament to that. A modern twist to this look is making it look “undone”. So, yes, they do not have to be perfect. Again, something to be thankful for. 7. Hair Accessories – Experiment and go crazy with different accessories. No time to do your hair? Accessories can do the trick. 8. Half Tuck Hairstyle – You may wonder how this can be a hair trend in itself because it is so simple. Tuck your hair behind your ear and leave some loose strands. Need I say more? 9. Platinum Blond Hair Color – Dare to pull this off? It’s in next season. 10. Fringe or Bangs – Just like the ponytail and updos, fringe or bangs never ever go out of style. Modernize this look by sporting a messy fringe for a grungy...

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Maintenance for Weft Extension

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Weft Extensions Weft Extensions are hair extensions that come usually come in a large width depending on preference and can be sewn in, weaved, bonded, taped on or clipped on. It’s a great way to add volume to hair as well as length or even to achieve the perfect color. They come in fourteen to thirty two inch lengths and can be Remy or non-Remy hair. Weft Hair Extensions have the potential to last if cared for properly. Weft Extensions Tips Be gentle when you handle them. Remember these are not your hair and do not have the capability to grow back. Use a soft bristle brush and hold your hair at the roots when brushing especially when dealing with wet hair as wet hair easily breaks. Untangle first with your hands before using a brush. Always condition. Just like your skin, hair extensions can lose its moisture rather quickly as it does not get any nutrients. So avoid products that may cause the hair to dry. Always get them trimmed as they are prone to split ends so make sure you regularly make that trip to the salon. If possible, do not use heat styling tools. Avoid washing your hair too often as this can also result to dry hair. When combing or brushing hair, start at the ends where it most likely gets tangled and work your way up. Minimize the use of styling products such as hair spray, gel or mousse. These contain chemicals that can affect the longevity of your hair extensions. Before heading to bed, it is best to arrange your hair into a loose braid to avoid tangling while sleeping then undo the braid once you are up. Lastly, avoid activities that can damage hair such as swimming as chlorine can dry out your extensions as well as long exposure to the sun. Hair Extension and Weft Service in New York Mark on Madison offers hair extension services and also weft service in NY City.  For more details of its hair extension services and weft service in New York City, please follow the...

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Amazing Klix Hair Extensions

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Hair Extensions Since hair extension regained its popularity and as consumer demand increases, there has been an insatiable thirst for discovering the easiest way to apply hair extensions. The variety of products in the market is a testament to that and the latest that has been making a buzz with stylists are Klix Hair Extensions. What are Klix Hair Extensions? Klix Hair Extensions or Klixtensions are a type of human hair extensions where micro links are used to attach the weft to the head. It is so easy to apply that you are in and out of the salon in about one hour while retouch only takes half an hour. One of the reasons why this product is so great is that it is “scalp-friendly”. Heating tools or glue or tape is not needed to attach the product and so this doesn’t cause friction to the hair or breakage. In fact, the micro-links are silicone-lined so your hair stays protected. Touch ups are recommended after four through six weeks and are as painless as the initial application. What are Klix Hair Extensions or Klixtensions Made From? They are made from a 100% Remy Human Hair. How long are they and what are are my color options? They are eighteen inches long and come in straight or wavy hair. They come in a variety of colors and tri-color shades so that you can achieve the look you are aiming for whether you want a natural look or a dramatic outcome or a funky look. How do I care for my Klix Hair Extensions or Klixtensions? We recommend using a soft boar bristle brush at least twice a day. Start from the bottom and work your way up and avoid brushing to hard or pulling. Also avoid getting the bristles into the micro-links. Please do not tease your Klix Hair Extensions or Klixtensions. Please use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner as sulfate can have harsh effects on hair. It might be also best to use products that do not contain glycerin and silicone or sulfur which are usually found in anti-dandruff haircare products. Just like your own hair, your Klixtensions need to be conditioned every time you wash them to keep them silky and shiny. Lastly, avoid environment that may damage your extensions as it would your normal hair such as exposure to chlorine in a pool or saltwater. The effects it will have on extensions are that of your normal hair causing dryness. Can I use styling tools on my Klix Hair Extensions or Klixtensions? You may blow dry your extensions on low to medium heat. Heating tools may also be utilized but must be an inch or more below the weft. How many times can my Klix Hair Extensions or Klixtensions be retouched? Touch-ups are recommended every four to six weeks. Your extensions can be touched up thrice before having to replace them. The verdict? Phenomenal product and a must try for all hair extension lovers out there. Get Klixtensioned today! Hair Extension Service in New York Mark on Madison offers hair extension services  in NY City. For more details of its hair extension services in New York City, please follow the...

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All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

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Hair Extensions Yes, we have heard a lot about hair extensions but do you know that it is also called artificial hair integrations? It is how one can lengthen hair without having to wait for weeks or months to reach the desired length. Natural or Real hair can be used and one appointment is all that is needed for the preferred results. Synthetic vs. Human Hair Most people who want to try getting hair extensions wonder which type of hair weft is best suited for them. Here is a run down. Synthetic hair, made from synthetic fibers does not last as long as human hair does due to being easily damaged by friction and heat. Although, it is a lot less expensive than human hair, there are limitations as to what one can do with it. It does not look like human hair at all and cannot be used with tools that we usually use on our real hair such as curling irons and straightening irons. However, there have been more developments of this type of weft that looks more similar to that of human hair and can be used with styling tools. Human hair extensions are more expensive, last longer and are natural looking. This, however, all depends on how much you spend. The more expensive hair, human hair extensions are, the better quality you get. Human hair is also easy to care for as you treat it just like your own hair. Preference all really depends on what you can manage, how much you can spend and factors such as the length of time you would like to use them. Choosing Color, Texture and Quality When choosing hair color, note that the standard scale to classify the hair by color is when the number is lower; the color is darker while the highest number is the lightest color. Textures of hair differ from very straight to extremely curly, or kinky and it is no different with artificial hair. Some would be labeled silky straight that pertains to the characteristics of East Asian hair that is soft and very straight. Yaki pertains to the feel of straightened Afro-Caribbean hair characteristics. European refers to, yes, European hair which is a tad less straight than Asian hair and may have a little wave. A deep wave is not really a real wave but can be created to look like twirls. The loose deep wave, also known as the romance wave is the softer version of the deep wave with more relaxed curls. The jheri curl which can also be referred to as “nappy tracks” are usually used for a full afro look and can be quite short. Wet and wavy that can have the labeled spanish wave or indian wave are curls of human hair that look soft and natural. The quality of the hair is often specified as virgin hair when the hair has not been processed at all, remy is human hair that organized meticulously in one weft which makes it remain shiny and tangle free for a fairly long time. Double drawn is when hair bundle is processed twice meaning, the hair is even all throughout. Its thickness at one end will be more or less the same as the other. This can be very expensive though....

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Summer Hair Secrets

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Summer is an extremely enjoyable time of the year and also the most awaited but it is also the season where our hair is damaged the most.  This is the time that our tresses become unmanageable, frizzy and dry because of too much exposure to the sun.  Learn how to protect your crowning glory with these summer hair secrets. Give your hair a break from styling tools or potentially damaging products. The least you want to do is add more damage to your hair. It is time to go “au naturel”. Since this is the time your hair is at its driest, make sure to drink lots of fluid. This also helps keep your skin hydrated. Water therapy is always the best. To achieve sexy waves this season, apply a quarter size conditioner and a soft holding curling gel with the same amount on wet hair. Brush your hair to distribute the product evenly and twist hair into a bun. Sleep on it. Remove the bun in the morning, flip your head over and massage your crown with your fingers. If you really have a hard time managing your hair this summer and simply have no time to before heading off, it is wise to fashion an updo. Any bun, ponytail or braid will do the job. These classic looks never go out of style. We love messy updos. Get a deep conditioning treatment regularly during this time of the year. The more often your tresses are conditioned, the better and healthier for your hair. Get your free deep conditioning treatment here. When your hair is wet from swimming or if you just stepped out of the shower, avoid damaging your hair by using a wide tooth comb. Always rinse hair with cold water to avoid frizz and to lock in shine. Cold water helps make hair more manageable. Rinse your hair under a shower before a dip in the pool or ocean. Dry hair tends to absorb more salt or chlorine compared to wet hair. Massage sesame oil at the ends of your hair to avoid sun damage. Wear a hat, a bandana or a scarf to protect your hair. Being scorched directly under the sun is never good for your hair or skin. Lastly, get a regular hair cut religiously. Products do not have the power to mend split ends, they need to be trimmed. If you are not a hair stylist, leave the cutting, trimming, shaping to the...

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