Mark is an apprentice to a world-renowned hairstylist John Barret. Having worked in John’s professional salon, Bergdorf Goodman, he developed his exceptional skill in hairstyling. Becoming an expert to his craft, Mark worked with remarkably astounding clientele. From model, business leaders, and socialites, he became the stylist for American celebrities like Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton and their mom, Christina Applegate, and famous personalities like Angelica Houston and Jade Jagger.

Mark’s passion and success led him to matchless, nonpareil opportunities to travel the world extensively, as he work with notable publications including Sports Illustrated and Vanity Fair. He has joined a multitude of highly-recognized events and shows including The Academy Awards, New York Fashion Week and Good Morning America, to name a few.

Moreover, his wife’s desire to have long, voluminous and thick hair motivated him to fulfill every woman’s dream. Since not everyone has the gift of the perfect crown, he realized that a woman can resolve her insecurity and make her more confident through hair extensions. His journey to learning all about hair extensions and signature hair shaping styles paved the way to venturing into his own shop.

Today, Mark offers a consistent and high-quality product to the market that can provide a natural approach to hair extensions by doing minimal process to the hair. He believes that when it comes to your clients’ experience, you need to compromise elsewhere…