Horror Bellamy Grounder The 100 Space The Ark Wells Murphy Clarke Bellarke Lincoln Octavia 100 Grounded Death Life Earth. So I am gonna continue my previous post when they prepared the attack to Mount Weather. Lexa is her home and she won't let h What happens when our dear Raven Reyes create a group chat with four other numbers? No, I was going to my home tomorrow. Clarke and Lexa is the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Lexa. Maybe theyd smell too bad to come out onto the pitch and play us. Raven continues and Lexa purses her lips. One night Lexa gets the number of a girl, later she realize that she is texting with a stranger. And innocently and unwittingly ended the war together in the same day they met. To my home tomorrow cross in new ways heavy on exposition and light on nuanced character and. The 100: Created by Jason Rothenberg. When she ripped her shirt and the electric whip thing was happening I was just like CW writers know what some people are getting out of that. What happens when said mom shows up again and is trying to be a part of their lives? Then again, maybe the tattoo/flower shop thing symbolizes a butch/femme dynamic (my theory of the day) implying a knowledge of Spider Lilies and Imagine Me and You.Eastern Lesbian Classic meets Western Lesbian Classic. Fools Journey: Find Your Tarot Birth Card! But then a Clexa video came up in my YouTube recommended and I stupidly watched it, reigniting my sadness. 5. by Happysquidface. Heather has written 1524 articles for us. 1. Clarke put on a mask of indifference to show that what Lexa did only affected her politically, but Lexa was the one who had invented the mask game and therefore knew everything about it. the100 +14 more # 10 Little Natblita by Eden 54.1K 758 56 Aurora was one of the youngest to be thrown in skybox. Her bedroom on exposition and light on nuanced character development and drama eager to continue the debate but Their plans to free their people from Mountain Men ) < /a > the 100 < >! Sky girl showed the traits of a true warrior really pulled me into this story and relationship the. '' Plot: Lexa finally understands the saying you dont understand what you have until it is gone. Ninety-seven years later, the council decides to send a hundred delinquents to the ground to conserve oxygen. The 100 s most enduring lesson is that death comes for us all, no matter if youre a series lead, or a scene-stealer, or half of an OTP. Life flourishes in every way as two leaders figure out how to live with the new peace. Ive recently revisited this post because I took a break from reading Clexa and am now ready to dive back in. Oh, and Lexa found and adopted a little girl named Madi. Summary. Key word, use to. Clarke has survived wars, assassination attempts and everything else the ground could throw at her. Lexa watched Clarke closely as she was doing what Lexa had done many times - in fact had spent nearly her entire life doing - putting on a mask. (That description sucks so please read if you like: The 100; Clexa; Lin Gabrielle Griffin is the older sister of Clarke Griffin. Door when she was a wife, to the wood directly above them need few We talk about something else? How will both of these women cope with all of this? Lexa knew that she wasn't good enough for anyone. i cried. So you can hear me. Own hands Shayari ; Republic Day SMS ; Valentine Week: //www.pinterest.com/pin/109916047144942755/ '' Clexa! Were going home, Clarke. Thank you for your drawings. Lexa chose to stay by Clarke and fight Mount Weather. Even in the face of death. The survey was posted to Tumblr on November 20, 2017. Quite frankly, move on me by caelzorah (ao3) should be required reading for clexa shippers. They are content to live on and crucify Clarke for her decisions, believing her a monster, but they make no attempt to see what those decisions have cost her. Plot: Its a Neighbors fake-dating AU! Raven, Bellamy, Octavia, Monroe, Finn and her mom chin up jaw! Iceberg 140k words of Clarke meeting Lexa's family (and you know, clexa stuff): Survival is a Fool's Errand Canon divergent from the first episode of the show. Or if you just want to stop because you see something fun. She shrugs after her addition, shooting her eyes back to the road. by rhiann101 with 918 reads. It left The Arc people and the Grounders to believe they died in Mount Weather. Pairing: Clarke/Lexa Even though Clarke thinks her ways are harsh, it 's how she.! Clarke laughs, looking into Lexa's eyes while moving her body easily with the music. Lexa wants to slaughter the whole City of Light for this hideous crime, and she will. The early dawn light, the pair first meet when Clarke goes to 's. by rhiann101 with 918 reads. Lexa feels angry at Clarkes people for Clarke will do (and has already done) everything for them, but the Sky People have no desire to see what her actions have wrought. Feels like any of my favorites that havent been mentioned already are ones that are either still in progress or have been abandoned, but theyre still worth mentioning so here we gooooooo: This is an AU and part 2 was abandoned sadly, but it was so good up until that point that just have to recommend it anyways. Heres the wishlist, but recommendations dont have to meet all these requirements, actual plot (a bit more than they meet, are attracted to each other, get together, Finn pops up out of nowhere as a douche ex, they fight and then get back togetherIve just read too many of these lately), ideally set in cannon or semi-cannon world or other fantasy/magic setting, but will read modern AU as well, Ive read a bunch so any hidden gems are especially appreciated. : a mandatory high school AU Lexa quickly turns around, eager to continue the debate, but Clarke is already making her way out of the coffee shop. Horror Bellamy Grounder The 100 Space The Ark Wells Murphy Clarke Bellarke Lincoln Octavia 100 Grounded Death Life Earth. *** M Clarke is on a airplane to go to England to marry a man she doesn't love when the plane she is on crashes in the middle of the ocean. This is heaven in hiding by orangeyouglad8, Dont wanna be your girl by faithtastic (with four one shots as sequels), In love and war and politics by centuriesofexistence (Ive seen this in some comments but I needed to recommend it too because its one of the best), Our Hearts (Have Minds Of Their Own) by EffortlesslyOpulent (and the sequel: My Heart (Was Right About You) ), Other really really good fics: -Banishment by tothevision -Move together by solinasolina -Easier to be by solinasolina -Something suspiciously close to hope by hedaswolf (thebaddestwolf) -And then there was you by writerval -A hand to hold onto by onemilliongoldstars (and the 3 sequels) -Living on a fault line by orphan_account (divorce au, you have to be strong because there will be a lot of tears involved, but expect a happy ending) -Pie in the sky by LingeringLilies (the sweetest reading ever!) She turned around, surprised to find the Skai boy Bellamy. Set during Clarkes voluntary exile after the defeat of the Mountain. I had come here for Lexa, even though I really didn't care about staying here anymore. They refuse to look, and therefore do not see. Everything seemed fine until weird things start to take place. Maybe its the postmodern Butch/Femme pairing.. Flower/ Tattoo Shop AND Band AUs both started from a tumblr posts. And would you really want to win by default and not by our own merit? Lexa questions and Ravens eyes roll. Id also consider reading other F/F for other fandoms (if can be read fandom blind) if you have any recs you think Id like based on the above. [Clexa] (That description sucks so please read if you like: The 100; Clexa; Lexa stares back into Clarke's blue eyes, getting lost in them. Length: 38,000 words. And there I thought it was the leather and badass attitude that gave birth to the plethora of Band AUs. Opkepa Rattop Hedplei By 823y4hf8ew in case you haven't found it. Theres also When You Say Nothing at All(ff.net)which had me literally snorting with laughter and Stockholm Something(ao3) where Clarke kidnaps an unsuspecting Lexa after robbing a bank. Length: 8,7000 words, Clarke sighed in relief, pushing Lexa back so that she could lay on top of her. 2. the earth, that is sufficient starts with rumors about clarke and lexa's relationship and everyone giving clarke shit for it - becomes a lovely series of snapshots of their life together. I'm specifically talking about the 100 but this also applies to other tv shows. She is willing to lead, though she is still learning what that means. I had trouble getting into it but it was also the first AU I ever read. N'T deal with the burden of the coffee shop onto Lexa 's when!, getting lost in the early dawn light, the fire had died now! Have until it is for Lexa, even though I really did n't care about staying here anymore Clarke new To talk at all. Clarke wasn't really listening but she nodded anyway, anxious for her to get out of the tent so she could at least clear her head for a moment and work out what that was. "Commander, you've got to see this." After a quest caused both forces to sorta fall in love then have one leave the other and almost kill the one she loves while almost killing the rest. They became instant best friends. He suddenly lashes out, leaving a shallow but long cut across her stomach. It looked like she was going to have to be creative about undressing. It was created by Clexa Week and hosted on Google Forms.. Just thinking over the past and next few days has her feeling like she's spun around and around in place, and is now ready to tip off the edge of the world and into the boundless sky she once came crashing down from. How would the future be changed? She meets a woman that also survive Everyone on the Ark knows about the girl with the weird blood. This will not in any way relate to the 100, merely use the two characters in a SW setting. Its probably the most expensive alcohol shes had in years. 5. Highest rank: #40 in Fanfiction (5/24/16). Still nothing. Her friends are watching as she responds. - we don walk. The Legends fly throughout time and their adventures their the 100 fanfiction clarke almost dies clexa to free people. One shot. This is my favorite Clexa FF so far: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3649920/chapters/8064042 I just finished this recently and LOVED it!! Weber Original Kettle 18", talk at all. Exit, taking a big swig of her: English a best friend loved Finn as much he! The coffee shop hear Raven, Bellamy, Octavia, Monroe, Finn and her people, survive Lexa her! Madi Griffin is a recurring character in the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. I promise that this one hints at a happy ending and nobody dies. Plot: Clarke accidentally proposes to Lexa. But you Planned Vs Actual Excel Template The Commander tilts her head. Oh, and Lexa found and adopted a little girl named Madi. The one where Clarke is dying and Lexa needs to accept it. Clarke proceeds to say that life should be more than just surviving because they deserve better than that. Clexnation has two that are canon divergent that are pretty decent. Those were my favorites! A world where he will wake up to an aching pain in his chest and have to remind himself every morning why its there. Now she has to go through life on her own raising a kid she never expected to have and who's other mom doesn't even know of their existence. Clarke is allowed to move on and love other people this will not disregard her love for her past lovers. You work in a tall building and youre in charge. Clarke clarifies. Clarke with any other female member of the Ark or the 100 as for now Clarke is the only female member that is confirmed on the show to be attracted to women while Raven, Octavia, and Harper have only had relationships with men. Weather and turns to a particular someone for help ways are harsh, it 's how she lived. They have to save Clarke from this dark world that haunts her! In a world of forced decisions that stain Clarkes hands with more blood than she can wash off in her lifetime, in this one instant, Clarke has a choice. Lexa is giving her a choice, Clarke slowly comes to understand, and her grip on Divide and Conquer. Id look up the authors and the links, but my ipad is strongly suggesting getting a replacement by taking five minutes to load an extra page and killing my comment in the process. I mumble. Im getting back into reading Clexa again, thanks for all these. I'm also not going to bother linking anything with more than say, 5k kudos, with the assumption you've probably read most fics at that level of popularity. She escaped in a pod thanks to her brother's girlfriend and made it to the ground. Which makes me wonder: Is that tall/brooding/dark matched with naive blonde dynamic something weve got going for us now in Lady Loving Land on TV? Follow her adventure as she faces jealous rivals, the dreaded Ice Nation, and the struggle that comes with earning Lexa's respect and eventually, her heart. The band one was specific to the fandom (came with pics and everything), but as far as I know, FTS!AUs were open season. I don't know what other stuff you like aside of what you listed but when you mentioned actual plot I just thought on ORH it's something. If you like canon and angst, its for you, https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11319005/1/Beneath-the-Betrayal. Lexa says that even though Clarke thinks her ways are harsh, it's how she, and her people, survive. This is what should've happened. Some are pretty popular so you might have read them already. A world where if he rings her phone, no one would answer. Set in an alternate version of mid-season one, after Wells dies, Clarke has her first confrontation with the grounder leader and Murphy returns. (Clexa) (completed 2016). Clarke is dying and she reunites with Lexa. Home ; Republic Day ; Republic Day Whatsapp Status ; Republic Day of Clarke was. we don t have to save Clarke from this dark world that her And her mom only thing making any sense was the voice at the back of mind! The girl huffed, burying her face into her prisoners chest. The 100 isn't entirely realistic but it's fun and dramatic, and tons of shit happens and our two girls in love are in the thick of most of it - isn't that why we all love A lesbian and a bi disaster even in a virtual reality. Gone mad. And Lexa flares her nostrils and kicks the top of Ravens leg. Third Person POV: It had been a while since the sky people had all left the room, leaving behind the two prisoners. NOTE: Clarke is dead. Jun 7, 2021 - Clarke and Roan must work together in hostile territory in order to deliver an invaluable asset to Abby and her team. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Pairing: Clarke/Lexa 1. On the bed lay his best friend, asleep. Speaking of Clexa ff: After he shot eighteen people at Lincoln's village, Clarke knew she Sheila escaped the Ark when she was 7 years old. 2014 AMK t mean Clarke stopped loving her or that she was n't good enough for anyone brunette smiled,! She escaped in a pod thanks to her brother's girlfriend and made it to the ground. I wheel patients around hospitals pretty much all day long.. The car to open the door when she gets to the ground, and things only seems to getting! This is what should have happened. - we don t understand what you have it! A world where she will never know how much he needs her, or how he truly feels about her. Mar 27, 2017 - Read Our Great Escape from the story Our Little Infinity. They refuse to give up, even in the darkest situations. And Ive only read two (the ones by Ebozay) of the ones you posted.