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Below are the 3 secrets to longer, more voluminous hair.

  1. It is very crucial to choose the right type of method of extensions for your hair. Extensions can cause a lot of damage, at Mark on Madison Mark determines what type of method he will use to achieve the look and healthy hair eliminating the breakage. And also what fits your busy life style.
  2. Hair maintenance. If you are not in to it don’t do it! Plain and simple hair extensions are sexy and fun, but that comes with a maintenance. Every method of hair extensions comes with different set of rules and timing maintenance. Maintenance also includes the day to day brushing the hair moisturizing it and using the sulfat and parabean products that are chemically harsh on the hair.
  3. There are ton of hair out there, and a lot of it is like a mop when you wash it the first time. We only use the best and understand what is the best, and will take our time to educate you on the product as well.