“Mark is great with hair. He has an ability to cut and style your hair so you feel your prettiest. His personality is warm and friendly and you always feel safe in his chair. He will never push you to try a style that you didn’t have in mind when you walked through his salon’s door. He is my go to guy when I need to refresh my look or try something new. You are always in good hands when you get styled by Mark! I’m looking forward to my next visit!”


“I was fortunate enough to have Mark cut my hair, for the first time, eight years ago when he was working at the John Barrett Salon in New York. I still remember walking out of the salon and thinking that I had just gotten the best haircut I had ever had. Since then, I have loyally returned to Mark for every haircut, despite the fact that I live in Baltimore and have to travel to New York for him. He is that good.

In the eight years I have been traveling to Mark for haircuts, he has always been punctual and professional. And, I can honestly say that every haircut has been excellent. It never fails that each time I leave his salon, someone asks me where I get my haircut. I would recommend Mark to everyone.”

Corie Godine
Baltimore, MD

“Mark has been doing my hair for over 7 years now and every time I get a haircut, my husband still says, ‘I really like the way this new guy cuts your hair.’ Mark’s cuts look great for starters and grow out great too. I am always very happy. And he’s always a joy to be with as well. What more can you ask for?

Although I can ask for one thing now, another cut please.”


“I have know Mark for several years and he has taken care of both myself and my family. Mark delivers consistantly beautiful results no matter what the service. He is a pleasure to spend time with and I look forward to seeing him each time and knowing how fabulous the results will be. Mark has handled everything from a simple blowdry to taking care of an entire group of girls at our home. He is always calm, relaxed and on-time. My hair never looks as good as when Mark takes care of it.”

Astrid Womble

“I met Mark I think 8 years ago or more. the first time he cut my hair and blow dried it I fell in love with him!!!!! I am from Mexico city, and we really have no great stylists, every time I went to NY he cut my hair and styled it, for a long time he was always available at any early hour so I could go to work afterwards, not everyone does it. After I had the opportunity to bring him to Mexico as GMM of Saks Fifth Avenue, and everybody went crazy, their haircuts lasted for months. Then he went into tis venture of being independent which I supported, he deserves it!!!! So anyone who has gone through this experience knows it, and lucky women who have him in NY!!!!! The best for this New Year 2012!!!!”

Martha Balcarcel

“I have been a client of Mark’s for over 10 years even though I live in London. It is such a comfort to me to know that I can land in New York City and have him come to me for all of my hair needs! Not only is he the best blow dry in NY, he is the quickest and most pleasant person to encounter! After I book my flight and hotel to NY from London, my next booking is Mark!”

Kristin Jerningan

“We have known Mark for many years and he has become part of our family. His gift for styling hair is only exceed by his integrity for doing the right thing for his clients each and every time he picks up his scissors. His understanding the business world far exceeds his years. Mark is simply a good man and a terrific stylist!”


“Mark has always been a pleasure to work with. Every time I present at his salon, I never get overpriced nor unsatisfactory outcomes. He understands that the customer experience and desires are always first; therefore he goes out of his way in order to make the customer his number one priority. His products and tools are top notch, and most importantly his talent is overwhelming.”

Beta K.