Hair Cuts

One thing that highly fascinates Mark is fine tuning the hair beauty. Mark has been drawn towards this profession only due to his passion for high sense of style and creativity. The professional training which Mark accessed through the globally reputed hair stylist John Barrett and the passion for this art made a strong foundation for him to venture in to this hair extensions profession. Today, Mark on Madison, managed by Mark thrives successfully as the preferred destination in NYC by clients for an array of hair extensions solutions, which is hard to find elsewhere. Mark on Madison today is the only one spot for all types of hair styling such as haircuts, hair extensions, bridal hair styling etc.

Mark, being highly devoted, well experienced and passionate in this profession, has facilitated him to spread his professional expertise to varied location across the globe to render his immaculate services. He reveals his expertise through the scissors to augment feminine hair beauty that makes his clients stand apart from the social gathering. Mark has to his credit , famous clients such as Paris Hilton,  Nicky Hilton,  Kathy Hilton, Christina Applegate, Angelica Houston, Jade Jagger and  many more models, whom Mark has shown his creativity in hair styling.

Mark is a hair specialist, who only possesses the know how to augment the facial beauty through unique hair styling techniques. Mark creates a hair and face friendly job that facilitates the clients to make a fashion statement. Mark can make wonders with his scissors to deliver the ultimate results for clients through offering hair cuts that ranges from Signature cuts to Layered cuts and Creative cuts to Regular ones in NYC.