Hair Cuts

Embellishing the beauties is what Mark loves to do. His great understanding of sense of style and creativity motivated him to take up hair styling as a profession. He was confident of his drive towards his passion and the professional training he acquired from the world-renowned hairstylist John Barrett. Currently, he is the owner of Mark On Madison, one hot destination in New York City for all types of hair styling solutions. Starting from haircuts, hair extensions to bridal hair styling, all is variable at its best at Mark On Madison.

As a dedicated, experienced and passionate hair stylist, Mark has moved to a different part of the world and enhanced his creativity. The magic he creates with his scissors gets reflected on the compliments of the onlookers of his clients. Renowned names like Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Kathy Hilton, Christina Applegate, Angelica Houston, Jade Jagger and other models have got their hair done by Mark.

He is one such expert who knows how to enhance the beauty of a face. His hair cuts are face specific and he can go very creative with a haircut to make it a style statement for the client. Starting from signature cuts to layered cuts, creative cuts to regular cuts, Mark scissors can deliver the best haircuts in NY