Welcome to Mark On Madison where your hair will be expertly treated by renowned stylist Mark. Mark landed an apprenticeship with world-renowned hairstylist John Barrett at his Bergdorf Goodman salon where he honed his ability to embrace elegance and capture the allure of women through styling their hair.

Best Hair Extensions Salon NY

Established in 2010, Mark on Madison has been a trailblazer in the delicate business of cutting hairs and styling them. Renowned as one of the best hair salon in NYC, Mark was an apprentice of the infamous hairstylist John Barrett. Mark's extensive study in the field of extensions and grooming have led to the quintessential allure of women by styling their hair with utmost care.

Whether it's frizzed, fuzzy or shaggy, Mark's method of delicate shaping and angling have complemented women's overall shape of face insurmountable times. Mark on Madison is one of the best hairextension salon in NY that provides the finest quality strands of women's hair extensions ranging from the exotic lands Of European hair .Mark has infused colors and styles into an assortment fusions that are congenial to you and undetectable to the eyes of the viewers.

Mark's hair extension is individually hand sewn so that every strand of your hair stays in its perfect place. Ranging from anamplearray of color hues and specific styles, Mark's extension and styles have been processed on famous celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Angelica Houston and he has worked with publications & television shows such as the Vanity Fair & the Academy award and so on and so forth.

From a simple clip-on hair extensions to the intricate microbeads, Mark on Madison will provide the best ranges of hair extensions designed with a perfect conception of the types of women's tresses and curls. From the root of your hair to its last end, Mark will recommend to you various products for your particular hair and also advice you on the maintenance and care of your hair on a habitual basis.


*Hair Cutting & Shaping (Tape extensons) *Blow Dries *Hair Extensions (Tape Extensions & Micro Ring Loop Hair Extension & Klix Hair Extensions) – (Tape extensons) *Keratin Treatment (Lasts 3 to 4 [...]

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Located at the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Mark on Madison Salon is operated by hairstylist extraordinaire, Mark. Expect no less than world class expertise as Mark handles your hair [...]

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  • “Mark is great with hair. He has an ability to cut and style your hair so you feel your prettiest. His personality is warm and friendly and you always feel safe in his chair. He will never push you to... read more
  • “I was fortunate enough to have Mark cut my hair, for the first time, eight years ago when he was working at the John Barrett Salon in New York. I still remember walking out of the salon and thinking... read more
  • “Mark has been doing my hair for over 7 years now and every time I get a haircut, my husband still says, ‘I really like the way this new guy cuts your hair.’ Mark’s cuts look great for... read more
  • “I have know Mark for several years and he has taken care of both myself and my family. Mark delivers consistantly beautiful results no matter what the service. He is a pleasure to spend time with and I... read more
  • “I met Mark I think 8 years ago or more. the first time he cut my hair and blow dried it I fell in love with him!!!!! I am from Mexico city, and we really have no great stylists, every time I went to NY... read more
  • “I have been a client of Mark’s for over 10 years even though I live in London. It is such a comfort to me to know that I can land in New York City and have him come to me for all of my hair needs!... read more
  • “We have known Mark for many years and he has become part of our family. His gift for styling hair is only exceed by his integrity for doing the right thing for his clients each and every time he picks... read more
  • “Mark has always been a pleasure to work with. Every time I present at his salon, I never get overpriced nor unsatisfactory outcomes. He understands that the customer experience and desires are always... read more